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New Product Launch

Corrugated Locking Reel in a Box

You're familiar with our original Locking Reel for storing, transporting, installing and dispensing wire and cable.

Now we're proud to introduce our new 100% biodegradable Corrugated Locking Reel. 

This patent pending design is generally rated for 30 lbs of wire/cable, and is currently offered in sizes of 13" in diameter, with larger sizes coming soon. 

Our locking mechanism is available in all reels at no extra charge. Customers have noticed the benefit while unspooling in the field. 

As with all our products, we can customize your locking reels to meet your company’s specific needs. We can even design a new product for you!

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    We produce high quality, specification-based wood products. Our most popular products are custom reels, crates, and shipping platforms, which are available in hardwood, plywood, and plastic, but we create a wide range of custom products. Whatever you need, just ask if we can do it!

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