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Wood Reels

Wooden Reels

(Wood Spools)

  Reel sizes range from 20” to 96” in diameter.

Wooden flange thicknesses typically range from 1 ½” to 3″, with options up to 4”.

Best suited for:

Wire and cable producers
Rope manufacturers
Commercial and industrial building
Rubber tubing manufacturers
Industrial and elevator cables
Acrylic and polycarbonate sheeting

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88" Wooden Reel
Customization and Sizes

We specialize in providing wooden reels in custom types and sizes to meet unique specifications. Customization options include arbor hole, start hole, bolt hole size and placement, and your logo/custom print.

Quality and Materials

Each reel is crafted from southern yellow pine lumber, ensuring durability and quality. Designed to meet your company’s specific needs, our reels are a trusted choice across a spectrum of industries.

Best Suited For

A versatile solution for industries requiring robust and reliable reels for various materials, including wire, rope, tubing, and sheeting.