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Efficient Equipment: Shoda CNC Routers

Efficient Equipment: Shoda CNC Routers

What’s the best way to increase efficiency? You probably guessed it: automation.

We are working to increase the number of automated processes we have in order to increase our efficiency and production capacity. As a step in this process, we recently acquired two Shoda CNC routers.

We are currently working with specialists to perfect the codes that run these machines. We also updated our software for drawing 3-D parts for the Shodas to cut.

Each Shoda router requires an operator at the control panel, plus three people to remove the cut parts off the end. Our other CNC routers only need one person for both running the control panel and stacking the parts. If we only had one part-catcher on a Shoda, the cut flanges and end fitments would pile up with a risk of being damaged. The part-stackers have to inspect the parts for accuracy, use an air hose to blow away the sawdust, and neatly stack the parts onto pallets.

Business is booming

Most of the run time for one Shoda is currently dedicated to fulfilling the orders for just one customer. Allowing one machine to cut parts for one customer had the bonus effect of reducing changeover time on the other routers. The Shodas have automatic head spacing and preset bit changers, making setup time a fraction of the other CNCs. With less time spent manually changing drill bits and router head spacing on the slower machines, there is more time spent running sheets of plywood, particle board, and MDF through to cut flanges and end boards.  We have the capability for multiple changeovers and parts. We expect our production capacity to increase as we continue to modify the codes to our needs.

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