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Printing Your Logo on Reels

Printing Your Logo on Reels

Need your company name printed on the reels or pallets you order? Part number? Other detail? We’ve got you covered. With the use of our EBS 260 Handjet Printer, we can print a wide variety of fonts and sizes. The ink we use is acetone-based permanent black industrial grade ink that won’t smudge or wear off. We tested it ourselves to be sure, and the ink really is waterproof. The printer’s software even allows us to print some custom logos. We’d be happy to work with you to see if we printing your logo is an option using our Handjet Printer.

Insta Reel print on barrel - printing your logo
Product info printed on barrel of reel

We can program any text directly into the printer. As you can imagine, printing your logo on reels this way tends to look nicer than screen printing or stenciling with spray paint. There are a variety of fonts available for regular text and numbers.

We can print on flat or curved surfaces. When it comes to reels, this allows us to print on the flanges and on the barrel. We can print on paper cores or wood staves.

We normally use the printer in our wood cable reels department, but we can also use it on plywood reels and pallets.