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Join Recycled Reels Program

Join Recycled Reels Program

Customers’ needs are our top priority. When one customer asked for a way to send back used reels for refurbishment and resale at a discounted price, we found a way to make it happen! Now multiple customers benefit from this recycling process. The recycled reels program might be a good fit for you if you are looking to repair gently used reels, or if you have scraps from used reels that you’d like us to get out of your way.


The process is simple. We take back used reels from customers who need to dispose of them. Then we break them down at our facility and salvage any material we can. The parts we can reuse differ from reel to reel. The individual pieces must meet our quality standards for reuse. We may be able to reuse the barrel on wood reels, and we can frequently rework the flanges of wood and plywood reels.


We address any flanges that need repair. Then we use the recycled parts in the assembly of a new reel. The newly assembled reel passes through our quality inspection process just like a reel with freshly-cut parts. If there is any quality issue, our team members correct it before sending the reel to our loading area. In some cases, a previously used reel just needs a few repairs to make it as good as new.

We understand that not all products are suitable for recycled materials, so we don’t sacrifice safety for savings.


If your wood or plywood reels could be reused after a little bit of work, you may be a good candidate for our recycled reels program. In addition to lower prices for participating customers, our recycled reels program benefits the environment by reducing our usage.

Ask about joining by contacting us at [email protected].