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New CNCs for Wood Cable Reel Production

New CNCs for Wood Cable Reel Production

Two New CNC Routers for Wood Cable Reels

Flange for a wood cable reel

Flange for a wood cable reel

We’ve expanded our CNC operation to our wood cable reel department. We purchased two new CNC machines to increase our production capabilities for wooden flanges.

These CNCs can drill any arbor hole, start hole, drive holes, test holes, bolt holes, slots, and core route you might need on your flanges. If you need an angled start hole, we can do that too.

Our new CNCs have already increased the number of flanges we can produce in a day. One machine exclusively cuts smaller flanges, and the other cuts larger flanges. We can run both machines at the same time.  Our employees stay busy assembling all these flanges into reels.

Our programming team quickly mastered the new software and is eager to program the flanges for your next order.

CNCs in Plywood Reel Department

We also use CNC machines in our plywood reel division.

Many customers purchase wood reels as well as plywood reels from us. Reels with plywood flanges and fiberboard drums can be used as wire reels and/or cable reels.

Size Capabilities

We can make plywood flanges with diameters as small as 6” and as large as 59.5”, and we can make wood flanges up to 102” in diameter. You can fit a lot onto a wood cable reel that big.

We have various size capabilities for the barrel diameter in both types of reels. The barrel size you choose for your reels will depend on the bend radius your wire or cable requires.

Some customers mix and match plywood flanges with wooden staves instead of using a paper core. Other customers order gang reels which have multiple flanges, creating separate sections for putting multiple types of wire on a single reel.

If you have a unique design in mind and you’re not sure if we can produce it, there’s no harm in asking for a quote to see if we can.

Request a Quote

To request a quote, you can fill out the form on our Request a Quote page. When you click “Submit my quote request,” it will send your information directly to our sales team.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us toll free at 1-800-489-6778 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!