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Month: March 2018

How It Works: Paper Core Production

Have you ever wondered how a paper tube is made? Have you ever wondered how something made out of paper could be strong enough to support coiled cable? Here’s your chance to learn everything you never knew about paper cores. Paper cores are long tubes used for many applications that range from paper towel rolls…
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CNC Routers

What They Are Computer Numerical Control (CNC) routers are industrial machines that cut sheets of plywood, particle board, and MDF into different parts for use in the assembly process. At Anderson Forest Products we have the capability to cut several identical parts at once using one of these machines. Our CNC machines have an X,…
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5 Main Uses of Plastic Reels

The plastic reels made at Anderson Forest Products are lightweight and durable packing alternative to wooden and plywood reels. The top five industries that use plastic reels are: Industrial and residential wire manufacturers Low-voltage outdoor wire manufacturers Telecommunications manufacturers Ribbon and tape manufacturers Monofilament manufacturers The plastic reels we produce consist of plastic flanges and…
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5 Main Uses of Wooden and Plywood Reels

The wooden and plywood reels made at Anderson Forest Products are made-to-order, allowing each customer to specify their exact needs. The top five industries that use wooden and plywood cable reels are: Wire and cable manufacturers Industrial and elevator cable manufacturers Rope manufacturers Rubber tubing manufacturers Telecommunications manufacturers We cut the flanges for our reels…
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